"NO, WE CAN'T, WE AIN'T GIVING UP YET!" The black tom with dark gray eyes pacing about, " WE JUST CAN'T!", a blue-gray she-cat paddled toward the black cat and laid her tail on top of him. "Reedwhisker, you got to calm down, the rain is getting harder and it's way too risky now that the storm is getting harder and harder, your kits will be fine." Reedwhisker stared at her in shock, "your not saying that... that you'll give up, Mistystar please tell me that you are joking, please...", Mistystar shook her head, "I'm sorry but it's too risky to lose any more cats." Then she flicked her tail leading the patrol away from the lake as Reedwhisker stared at the lake on more time, "Forgive me Amberpaw, I'm sorry that I didn't keep them safe..."


"Clawkit did you find it yet?", a white cat with one black paw and a little black tuff on the she-cat neck asked, the large white tom hopped down and nodded and then said,"Stormkit, get Sparrowkit, Bouncekit, and Patchkit, there's a hole that we can get out." Stormkit nodded, then she went into a little dark hole where three little kits slept and nudge them awake. Sparrowkit, a long hair tom with pale fur shifted about, annoyed, Bouncekit, a black tom with amber eyes licking his brother, Patchkit, to wake up. Patchkit is a small gray tom with black spots on his back, black ears, and four black paws. All four of them began finding Clawkit, who was making sure the mud wasn't to slick to climb on, "Patchkit, you're going out first," Patchkit shifted nervously but he nodded, Stormkit sat down and said, "then Bouncekit, Sparrowkit, me, and finally Clawkit." All of them nodded as Clawkit led Patchkit up the hill, it was raining hard and the waves were getting stronger and stronger as the flood continues to rise. How they got there was that they were running away from camp as Sparrowkit feel into a muddy pile and was stuck, Clawkit order them to continue running as he tries to pull Sparrowkit out but they didn't listen, instead, their weight was way to heavy for the mud to stick and they all fell in the deep, dark hole.